The Alzheimer's Association

Why did we choose the Alzheimer's Association? There are 7.6 billion reasons why they have become our charity of choice. None of the 7.6 billions brains on earth is safe from Alzheimer's disease, and we'd like to change that through the advancement of research as well as promoting a healthy brain! 

We have seen the disease impact our family, friends, and loved ones first hand. Most of our effort and love put into Beard vs Beans is to honor those who are currently suffering or have suffered from the disease we are close to. Our Grandma Elvia Gonzalez who is currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Miguel's grandfather Tony Martinez and our long time family friend Junior F. Leonard who have passed due to complications of Alzheimer's disease. 

Join our efforts to help us make a difference not only in our local community or nation, but actually push to make a global difference. 


Elvia Gonzalez -

Retired Switchboard Operator / Our Grandma

Major Tony Martinez -

ARMY Major Retired / Miguel's Grandpa

Sergeant Junior F. Leonard - Army Retired Cook / Our Family Friend