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Beard vs Beans has raised over $45,000.00 since August 2017!

100% of our proceeds directly benefit the Alzheimer's Association of San Antonio and South Texas. 

The Beard vs Beans events were created by fun and loving brotherly rivalry, in hopes to raise as much awareness and donations for the Alzheimer's Association®!


On June 12, 2017 Matthew Skinner aka Beard (The little big brother), created his first donation page with the Alzheimer's Association and made a spontaneous Facebook post forcing his brother Miguel Martinez aka Beans (The big little brother), to eat beans, his most hated food. Sounds simple, but what Matthew didn't expect was that his brother Miguel Martinez would soon be creating a donation page with the Alzheimer's association as well. Due to his growing hate for beans, Miguel retaliated with a challenge of his own forcing Matthew to shave his beard.


If Matthew (Beard) raised more than Miguel (Beans), Miguel would have to eat beans. If Miguel raised more donations than Matthew, Matthew would have to shave his Beard. And that is how Beard vs Beans was accidentally created by brotherly shenanigans. 

Since Beard vs Beans Started the Stats are Beans 3, Beard 0.

2022 Events!
Run to Remember 0.5k / 5k / 10k


The 10th Annual Run to Remember 0.5 / 5k / 10k is an official fiesta event held in San Antonio Texas! This will be the 4th year the Alzheimer's Association has asked Beard vs Beans to coordinate and host! We couldn't be more proud and excited!

The Longest Day Medal and Lanyard
The Longest Day 5k / 10k


This was our 5th annual Longest Day 5k/10k and have added a 0.5k Beer Run as well! Just as all of our other events 100% of our donations directly benefited the Alzheimer's Association!

Beard vs Beans Round 5
BEARD vs BEANS Round 5


Your donation decides the winner as this brotherly duo races to raise the most donations they can all while raising awareness to #ENDALZ   (Date to be determined)

TEAM BEARD        or        TEAM BEANS

Alzheimer's Association of San Antonio
and South Texas

Alzheimer's Association
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