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Photography by: Brenda Piña


Two brothers from Texas with deep connections and loss because of Alzheimer's disease have been battling to end Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia since 2017. The goal is to educate and raise awareness in the community about the effects of dementia. With multiple events held in the San Antonio and South Texas area, they use their brotherly banter to shed light on a dark disease, hoping to end it for future generations.

     Matthew Skinner is a co-founder of Beard vs. Beans which was established in 2017. He currently holds a chair on the Alzheimer's Association volunteer board.

     While in high school, Matthew and his father cared for a neighbor, Mr.Leonard, who was battling Alzheimer's. He saw the effects of this terrible disease firsthand while caring for Mr. Leonard before it affected his own Grandmother. After watching his Grandmother battle with Alzheimer's for over 20 years, he wanted to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease to help find a cure. That's when he and his brother Miguel Martinez created Beard vs. Beans.

     What started with a brotherly banter competition about beans and a beard turned into a quirky way to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease over 5 years ago. Together they have raised over 70,000 dollars.


"We’ve seen what Alzheimer’s did to our family and we want to help find a cure and resources for other families.”-Matthew Skinner.

     A guy who doesn't like beans... A military veteran, and the other half of this duo's efforts to end Alzheimer's disease.